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THRUSH HERMIT – Winter 2010

Flush with Thrush
By Carla Gillis

Thrush Hermit’s The Complete Recordings box set (New Scotland) includes eight discs and a 32-page booklet with illuminating liner notes by Rob Benvie.

Disc 1 • Clayton Park
The band’s 1999 full-length swan song, recorded at Toronto’s The Gas Station by Dale Morningstar. “I think we got the best of our abilities and influences on Clayton Park,” Joel Plaskett says.

Disc 2 • Sweet Homewrecker
The 1997 by-product of Thrush Hermit’s short-lived relationship with Elektra. “That was a dark time,” Benvie says.

Disc 3 • Smart Bomb and The Great Pacific Ocean, EPs from 1994
Of the Steve Albini-produced GPO sessions, Benvie recalls: “There was a big painting on the wall of a naked woman. You pressed her nipple, a bookshelf automatically rose and stairs led up to the attic where the control room was. It was pretty amazing.”

Disc 4 • All Technology Aside
Outtakes, B-sides and unreleased songs.

Disc 5 • Hits And Giggles
Singles, EPs and unreleased songs.

Disc 6 • Embarrass Ourselves Awake
Tunes by pre-Hermit incarnations Nabisco Fonzie and the Hoods plus Thrush Hermit’s superb side band, the Tim Robbins Experience.

“It’s next-level embarrassing shit,” Benvie says.

“Like, prank phone calls to my mom,” adds Ian McGettigan.

“If we had a long overnight drive on tour, we’d listen to our old tapes because they’d make us sweat and cringe and embarrass ourselves awake,” Benvie says about the name.

Disc 7 • Learn To Party DVD
1999 documentary, plus tour footage and Edgefest 95.

Disc 8 • Damage For Damage Done DVD
Footage from 1990-1999, including the band constructing bunks in the yellow shortbus they used to drive.

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