Steve Poltz – Chart Attack

Chart Attack Review

Steve Poltz Dreamhouse
By Valentina D’Aliesio

The name “Steve Poltz” might not be immediately recognizable, but chances are, you’ve heard his work one way or another.

Apart from being an ex-member of ’90s alternative rockers The Rugburns, his most well-known work lies in his past musical collaborations with American songstress Jewel, a union that had him co-write her 1996 hit “You Were Meant For Me.”

Poltz returns with his eighth effort, a charming, emotionally loaded collection of songs.

Dreamhouse sees some familiar faces lend a hand in its creation. The record was produced by Joel Plaskett, who provides backing vocals in addition to playing drums and bass on the 11 tracks. Halifax singer/songwriter Jenn Grant also contributes her talents by providing stunning backing vocals to a number of tracks.

Naturally, traces of Plaskett bleed through here and there, particularly on the melodic and twangy standout track “Digging For Icicles.” Some might find the material overly heavy-hearted, but Poltz’s undeniable talents draw the listener into his world regardless of the bummer trip.

Poltz’ shining moment is his decision to close the record with a powerful cover of “The Way We Were,” where he demonstrates an ability to lay the same amount of emotion into words that are not originally his. He can consider Dreamhouse another worthwhile addition to his lengthy musical career.