Peter Elkas – The Broken Spear Review

The Broken Spear

Peter Elkas Repeat Offender
By Jonathan Briggins

The original plan was to get a review for the new Peter Elkas record Repeat Offender on the blog on Valentines Day. Not just because he always performs with a certain amount of charm, or the fact his new album has a song called “Tiny Valentine” on it, or because the album cover features ten dogs lounging around in a basement den.

The reason was because Peter Elkas is able to bring some warmth and an almost sexy feel to his music. Those feelings and emotions come though in a song like “Blue of You” that features some blues guitar with the occasional sounds of saxophone coming in to warm up the song even more. Lyrically the songs tap into the emotions of love, heartbreak, and longing. “Repeat Offender” tells the narrative of somebody who will “take your heart and he’ll break your soul” and “crush a diamond with his own hands”. The track is one of the highlights of the album as Ana Egge provides background vocals that fit into the song perfectly complimenting Elkas.

The album was mostly recorded in his basement along with co-producer Ian McGettigan (Thrush Hermit). The album is also put out on Joel Plaskett’s vinyl focused label New Scotland Records. It is fitting that this album be put out on that label, not only because of the obvious connection with Elkas and the Joel Plaskett Emergency, but because of that almost vintage radio friendly rock/pop sounds of the album. It is the type of album that seems like it was made for listening to in a living room on a record player as opposed to on an mp3 player while walking through rush hour.