Peter Elkas – Grayowl Point Review

Grayowl Point

Peter Elkas Repeat Offender
By Michael Thomas

If you’re into the Canadian indie scene you probably won’t need much of an introduction to Peter Elkas. But just in case you don’t know him, here’s a brief intro.

Elkas was the front man of the Local Rabbits, a band that had big success in the 90′s and toured a lot with Thrush Hermit, Joel Plaskett’s old band. Elkas is still friends with Plaskett now and even joined The Emergency as a full-time member.

With such a vast musical history, one can only expect great things from Elkas. And no one should be disappointed by this latest musical offering. Elkas plays rock and roll in the most classic sense of the word- his music is music to groove and sway to. There isn’t a single note wasted here and every song is thoroughly enjoyable.

The album starts off with “Anticipation” which, true to its name, will build you up as you listen. Elkas sings very smoothly and is has great backup vocalists assisting him.

“Tiny Valentine” is an interesting song in that it starts off as a piano ballad but turns into an upbeat swing complete with horns. It provides a good transition into “Misery” which features an amazing, amazing horn solo. The title track also provides insight into the songwriting talent Elkas has. It starts off with the lyrics “Repeat offender hasn’t got a heart/Well if he did he lost it at the start/Reaching out for mother only to be held/Playing your heart like a ringing bell.”

There isn’t a song here that isn’t unimpressive in some way- and that’s to be expected from a musician of Elkas’ caliber. Recommended listening.