Atop the CN Tower

Joel Plaskett has crossed at least one thing off his bucket list – playing at the top of the CN Tower on Wednesday night in Toronto as part of his trio Joel Plaskett Emergency – for Canadian Music Week’s opening night gala.

“The cool thing about the gig was, ‘Well, check that one off the list,’” Plaskett told QMI Agency on Thursday afternoon in his Toronto hotel room while promoting the new JPE album, Scrappy Happiness, out March 27.

“It was a trip.”

The only problem, said the East Coast Rocker, was the room’s thin air and bad acoustics.

“The air up there is a little bit sort of airplane air,” said Plaskett. “And it’s like a glass room so soundwise it’s not the nicest on stage, low ceilings. So it wasn’t designed with a rock venue in mind. But it was fun. And it was cool, an experience, to have an audience come up there. At soundcheck, I was like, ‘This going to be tough.’ I was tired, my back was bothering me, the air was weird. It’s glassy sound so it’s not the sweetest sounding room. On stage it was fighting the acoustics of a place that’s not designed for music so that can be a little bit unforgiving as a singer and stuff, where you’re just like, ‘Whoa, my ears hurt.’ But it comes with the gig, and you fight against it and sometimes it makes the show better.

“Come gig-time, it was really, really fun,” Plaskett concluded: “We played the CN Tower.”

However, before the show, Plaskett definitely noticed his fatigue and had to retreat for a while.

“Between soundcheck in mid-afternoon, I got so tired just from the air and the lack of oxygen, that I went back down and just laid in the grass across from the tower looking at it for an hour. I didn’t fall asleep. I just kind of vegged out.”

by Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun