Sheri Jones:
phone: 902-429-9005

Dave Marsh slays ’em
Yellow Jacket Avenger avenges their death
Ana Egge and Rose Cousins sing like angels
Peter Elkas charms like a devil
Tyler Messick has recorded recorders.
Old Man Luedecke crosses banjo borders
Al Tuck inspires
Matthew Grimson light fires
Two Hours Traffic causes rock and roll road rage
Myles Deck and the Fuzz have their own fuzzy home page
Jim Ford never got your letters
Irma Thomas writes you back
Rebecca Kraatz pours sugar on your house
Ingram Barss takes a picture of it
Gordie Johnson knows what he’s ‘got
Bob Hoag knows Arizona is hot
Camouflage Nights wear motorcycle helmets
Mat Dunlap runs laps (tops)
Nick Lowe gets his picture taken with Ron Sexsmith and Joel Plaskett
MapleMusic– shop til you drop
Collagen Rock – a steady diet of PEI potatoes
Just Friends Records – we’re just friends
Bill Smith Custom Records – for all your vinyl sided needs
Salt Mastering – for getting laquered up
Echo Chamber Recording – Plate reverb anybody?
Signal Path Recording – Lost on the path? Send Ken a signal
Pedernales Studios – if it’s good enough for Willie…
Bronzerat Records – England swings like a pendulum do…
Daptone Records – keeping it dapper
Code One Records – no class distinction, no drug addiction…
Jones and Co. Artist Management – taking care of beeswax