7″ Single Series


Mo Kenney – “Eden” b/w “The Great Escape”

Mo Kenney is from Waverley, Nova Scotia. She wrote Eden when she was 16 years old. She came to the Scotland Yard when she was 20 and recorded it with Joel for her debut record that’s on it’s way soon. A skilled guitarist with a powerful voice, Mo’s is making new fans every time she sings a song. For fans of Elliot Smith, Tegan and Sara, Nick Drake and The Velvet Underground.

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Joel Plaskett & Jeremy Fisher – “When You Come Around” b/w “Paper Crown”

Jeremy Fisher and Joel Plaskett met in the fall of 2009 in Humber Valley, Newfoundland while writing songs with Great Big Sea for their record, Safe Upon the Shore. In the “spare time” between copious glasses of wine and whiskey they penned a couple songs together which were later recorded at the Scotland Yard. The recordings sat on the back burner for the past year but they’re cooked now and ready to be consumed by you.


Joel Plaskett/Shotgun Jimmie – “Jimmie’s Still Jimmie” b/w “That’s Not Joel”

JP and SJ team up to lay down some yin and yang rockers at the Scotland Yard. Joel rolls out the woes of traveling while unraveling on “Jimmie’s Still Jimmie”. Shotgun consoles him with his mighty thoughtful flip side “That’s Not Joel”. Post-Modern Lovers doing Clash City covers where good humour hovers. Maritime brothers.


Ben GunningWebsite
“Destructive” b/w “High Road”

Former Local Rabbit Gunning’s heady and heartfelt compositions push the musical and lyrical boundaries of modern popular music. ‘Destructive’ is an aptly named tune about trying to preserve wavering camaraderie during a night of drinking in a bar. ‘High Road’ reflects the desire for love and dignity in the face of a world that drags one down. Vic Chestnutt meets Keith Jarrett and Old Dirty Bastard at a Kate and Anna McGarrigle concert.

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Myles Deck & The FuzzWebsite
“Police Cops”, “Ayatollah” b/w “Boom! Boom!”

True Halifax punk rock and roll. Drop the needle and get out the fire extinguisher, the cops are on their way. For fans of The Stooges, Thin Lizzy, The Dead Boys and X.

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David Myles Website
“Out of Love” b/w “Wrong So Wrong”

New Brunswick’s smooth and soulful troubadour. “Out of Love” is Maritime yacht rock at its finest with pillowy Wurlitzer, deep bass and drums backing David smoky voice, aging like fine fine wine. “Wrong So Wrong” kicks back into some raucous bluegrass influenced rock and roll with the fastest piano playing ever slammed down on 2″ tape at the Scotland Yard.

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Matthew Grimson Website
“Matthew Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” b/w “For A Song”

First vinyl release by this legendary Nova Scotian songwriter whose songs have been covered on record by Sloan and Joel Plaskett. Matthew’s gravelly voice delivers lyrics both heartbreaking and humourous. Freaky and fearless, Grimson delivers his own message. For fans of Warren Zevon, Captain Beefheart and Bob Dylan.

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Joel Plaskett THREE MORE
“Compete With Loneliness”, “Spinning for You” b/w “Stay, Stay, Stay”

Outtakes from Joel’s triple record, Three. Only available here.

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Tyler MessickWebsite
“Half Lit Through the Leaves” b/w “The Scotsman”

A wandering psych-folk time traveling minstrel. His heart resides in Canada, his mind is from the United States and his soul is most likely British. For fans of Fairport Convention, Nic Jones, Bert Jansch, Devendra Banhart. Tyler also plays in the Museum Pieces and travels the world as the guitar tech for the Arcade Fire. He currently resides in Mexico. More Info

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Ana EggeWebsite
“Storm Comin'” b/w “Farmer’s Daughter”

Lucinda Williams described Ana as the “folk Nina Simone”. Ana’s incredible voice shines on these two songs. “Storm Comin'” is a beat driven rock song about a relationship as turbulent as a tornado. “Farmer’s Daughter” is a future classic about growing up on the prairies and “gettin’ high on our free time.” For fans of Ron Sexsmith, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Ann Peebles. Ana’s lives in Brooklyn, NY. More Info

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Yellow Jacket AvengerWebsite
“Becoming a Silhouette” b/w “Holding Ghosts”

A great three piece rock band fronted by Geoff Pye, an extremely unique guitar player, singer and lyricist. YJA lay it down with straight lines and sharp angles. For fans of Television, The Police, Wooden Stars, Gang of Four. More Info

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Peter ElkasWebsite
“Poor Young Things” b/w “Repeat Offender”

Rock and soul from Canada’s handsome stranger. “Poor Young Things” is a “buddy rock” stomper ala “Night Moves” or “Glory Days” (see “Bromance“). “Repeat Offender” is a steady contemplation on a heartbreaker who can’t change his ways. For fans of The Boss, Tom Petty and Sam Cooke. Peter used to play in The Local Rabbits while delivering ice cream for Nestle in Montreal. More Info

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