Yellow Jacket Avenger – 7″ Vinyl Single



Yellow Jacket Avenger
“Becoming a Silhouette” b/w “Holding Ghosts”

A great three piece rock band fronted by Geoff Pye, an extremely unique guitar player, singer and lyricist. YJA lay it down with straight lines and sharp angles. For fans of Television, The Police, Wooden Stars, Gang of Four.

Geoffrey Pye: vocals and guitar
Chris Pennell: bass and backing vocal
Nathan Elliot Doucet: drums and backing vocal

Joel’s Notes

This was the second session I did at the Scotland Yard on the eight track half inch Otari before I got the 16 track. A stripped down performance that really captures the spirit of the YJA. Nate and Chris were in “the pocket” and Geoff laid down some beautifully unpredictable guitar and vocals. A fine example of how most of the time, eight tracks is all you need.

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