Joel Plaskett – Three Vinyl



Joel Plaskett

Three (Triple vinyl LP)

A 27 song triple record with a hell of a lot of words. Snap folk rock crackle soul pop. For fans of JJ Cale, Nick Lowe, Jim Ford, Richard and Linda Thompson, Steve Miller Band and Al Tuck. For Irma Thomas. Will also be available on CD from MapleMusic.

Joel’s Notes

I was at the Folk Alliance in Memphis in February 2008 and decided to book a day at Doug Easley’s new recording studio. I invited Rose Cousins and Ana Egge along to sing with me and we cut a 7 minute traveling epic called “Wishful Thinking”. I then went to Toronto and cut “Gone, Gone, Gone” with my old bandmate, Ian McGettigan. Then I went to the Junos in Calgary and met Ken Friesen who told me about a tape machine. That got me to thinking. Ken came to Halifax and helped me set up the Scotland Yard. Over the next four months I recorded about 30 songs. The gals came back to sing on about 20, my father Bill played a lot of guitar, and other guests included Amy Lounder, JP Cormier, David Christensen, Rick Waychesko, Adam Baldwin, Peter Elkas, Dave Marsh, Chris Pennell, Jon Goodman, Roy McLaren, Dale Murray, and Gordie Johnson, who mixed the record at Pedernales Studio in Spicewood, Texas. What started as a joke turned into a reality… a triple record. Take the night off and drop the needle…

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