Tyler Messick – 7″ Vinyl Single



Tyler Messick
“Half Lit Through the Leaves” b/w “The Scotsman”

A wandering psych-folk time traveling minstrel. His heart resides in Canada, his mind is from the United States and his soul is most likely British. For fans of Fairport Convention, Nic Jones, Bert Jansch, Devendra Banhart. Tyler also plays in the Museum Pieces and travels the world as the guitar tech for the Arcade Fire. He currently resides in Mexico.

Tyler Messick: vocal, guitars, piano, recorder
Virgil Muir : harmony vocal
Joel Plaskett: drums, bass, tambourine

Joel’s Notes

We recorded this in mid 2008 over a couple sessions spaced a few months apart. “The Scotsman” came together first, trying to make a hypnotic, slow folk club jam. Messick brought in his recorders for “Half Lit” and I knew things were getting heavy. Tyler’s guitar playing shines, Virgil sings harmony like the Heaviest Meadow and I dropped a couple of my finest fills.

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